Vizio and Google Will Reportedly Build TVs With Chromecast Baked In

Google’s Chromecast is the miracle dongle that makes streaming video, photos, websites, and anything else from a laptop or smartphone simple as hell. Now, it’s going to be even more simple to stream straight from your phone to your TV.

Google is reportedly working with Vizio—the second largest TV vendor in the world—to bake Chromecast directly into a new line of televisions sets. According to a new Variety report, the televisions will come with Chromecast streaming capabilities directly out of the box. To make life a little easier for people who’ve never mirrored content from their smartphone to their television, Vizio may also include an Android tablet in place of a standard remote. The Android tablet would be used for casting and discovering new content.


Vizio is reportedly planning to release these new sets very soon. What’s weird is that Google has a smart TV platform, Android TV, but these Vizio sets would be free of any on-set apps and would instead rely on baked-in Chromecast features for its smarts. That’s a huge plus. Smart TVs could use all the help they can get.


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