Vizio's 120Hz LCD TVs from CES are not vapor, instead coalescing into very real products. The 47- and 42-inch sets-rebranded "Black Tie" as part of the company's new performance XVT line-will be available in just a couple weeks for $1,500 and $1,200 MSRP, at street prices of around 1,400 and $1,100 respectively. I checked them out—and they weren't bad.


Those prices Vizio quoted are reasonably solid, the company says, though not 100 super-duper percent, as the LCD market is the only thing more volatile than the stock market.

The bigger news, though, is that you'll see features like 120Hz trickle down from the high-end XVT line to the VW-class Wal-Mart sets in roughly 9-12 months. Yes, a year from now, you'll be able to buy a 120Hz Vizio LCD from Wally World, at God only knows how cheap a price. Vizio's competitors on the cheap TV scene really can't keep up.

Here are the updated specs for the XVT line:


47 and 42" FHD LCD


Smooth Motion V-engine

Motion Estimation

Motion Compensation

Improved Noise Reduction

FHD – 1920x1080


500 Nits, 5ms response, 6500:1 Contrast

178/178 Viewing Angle

10 Bit Color Depth – 1.07Billion Colors

24P Input Capability

Rear Video inputs

2 HDMI (5.1 Output Capable through SPDIF or Wireless)

1 VGA with RCA Stereo Audio

2 Component with RCA Stereo Audio

2 Composite with RCA Stereo Audio

Side I/O

2 HDMI (5.1 Output Capable through SPDIF or Wireless)

1 component with RCA Stereo Audio

1 Composite with RCA Stereo Audio

Read Audio

SPDIF Digital Out – Tuner input

RCA Output


VIZIO Black Tie

Slim Bezel


Audio Performance

3 Channel (L,C,R) 3x10 Watt

SRS TruSurround XT

5.1 Wireless (2.4GHz) upgradable with Dolby Pro Logic II



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