Vizio's New 65-inch 3DTV Promises Flicker-Free Picture on a Huger Screen

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The mammoth 65-inch XVT3D650SV is more than just super big. Vizio claims the set's 3D display, forgoing battery-powered, active shutter glasses, looks better and is nicer to eyeballs. They're also boasting less ghosting, a brighter image, and superior edge backlighting.

In addition to the picture improvements (always nice to see companies doing away with bulky glasses), the XVT3D650SV will pack a suite of internet apps (Amazon VoD, Facebook, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, and Twitter, most notably) via 802.11n Wi-Fi. Look for the sets to arrive at Costco and Sam's Club this month for $3500. All this being said, we've yet to actually lay eyes on a passive 3D set that hasn't looked terrible, so we're going to reserve judgment until we can see for ourselves at CES—though CNET's HDTV guru had a peek and says it fared well. [Vizio]