VLC Remote App Controls The Baddest Media Player Via iPhone

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You can drop practically any file onto VLC's orange cone, and if there is media buried somewhere within its digital crevices, VLC will find it and play it. Now, control the action via iPhone.


The VLC Remote comes in two flavors-regular and free. Both version can connect to any computer running VLC on your network to play/pause/skip tracks and videos and control the volume; the $1 (for a limited time) version adds control of playlists, and a cool feature that lets you browse your hard drive for any media files and play them. To pair your computer with the remote, you need to download a quick setup assistant here.

If only VLC had better music library management (with iPod/iPhone) and seamlessly streamed to my Airport Express (you can do it with a $25 add-on, but not natively), I could almost consider giving up iTunes all together. But for now, it remains the trustiest video player on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Check out our friends at Lifehacker for more hands-on info. [VLC Remote Free (iTunes), VLC Remote (iTunes), Lifehacker]



using anything other than VLC for video is like using anything other than google maps for maps.

whenever a friend has me poke around and fix their computer, one of the first things i do is throw out whatever they have for video and replace it with VLC.

VLC Portable is nice to have in your digital toolbox as well.

Oh and it runs on linux so they get extra props there. for a long time, obscure video codecs were the bane of linux. unfortunately, proprietary video formats keep popping up with no linux love (im looking at you, ABC) and also, why the fuck is realplayer still alive and who the hell uses that shit for anything and is happy with it?