Voice Activated Answering Machine: Americans Only

Imagine... an answering machine that responds to the sound of your voice. Impossible, you say? Hardly. Able to store 60 messages in its built-in memory, this answering machine can be trained to respond to multiple voices, so the whole family can enjoy listening to messages. (We call that "quality time," 'round here.) Phrases like "play new" and "tell time" are among the 15 different commands that machines accepts. It's only able to understand American English, so if you have a silly accent or speak some sort of foreign, devil tongue, you're out of luck. Still, whether or not it's worth $250 is another matter entirely.

Furthermore, who even owns a regular landline anymore? I sure don't, and voice mail hardly gets any easier than with visual voice mail, which you can get any number of ways nowadays.


The Only Voice Activated Answering Machine. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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