Voice Band iPhone App Converts "Bah Ba Ba Bah" Into ♫ ♫ ♫

Humming, mouth-strumming, BAH-ing—whatever you call it, it's not singing. But no matter! iPhone app Voice Band cuts even the laziest vocal utterances into multilayer, multi-instrumental songs. $3. [Gizmag]


I thought that was pretty cool. People can mock if they want, but it's not a bad way for even a musician to quickly "jot down," so to speak, new ideas for a song and then actually, you know, play it for real. I like that it actually does record singing to complete the effect. Puts this one over a standard midi program, imo.

And yes, I actually play guitar, piano, and I sing. So f*** off!! /throws up the horns. (I also play the mouth harp.)