VoIP Coming to iPod Touch

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An iPod Touch developer has just created a SIP-based VoIP app (which works with Asterisk and other open source free and paid VoIP providers) that was ported from an older app called SvSIP. The upside is that iPod Touch users that have the pre-amped mic addon that plugs into the dock connector will be able to actually talk on their iPods. iPhone users won't need the addon to talk (obviously), and should be able to get in on this action soon as well. We'll update when we know more. [Touchmods via TUAW]




it's not ha-ha funny, but amusing, yes.

i think manufacturers are just lazy, dont want to support potentially problematic technologies... if the touch had shipped with skype they'd have to get their lawyers together to rub dicks, which reportedly cuts into the bottom line.