There's no better way to trump your neighbor's Halloween decorations than with a vomiting zombie-thing. CostumeFind knows what you want, and what you want is an animatronic man vomiting into a barrel when you cue the switch or press the foot pad. The decoration also makes a vomit noise, finally giving you the chance to trigger a block-long Trick-or-Treater vomit chain.

The device works on standard A/C power and comes with a tape player, a tape ripe with vomit sounds and an amp with speakers. You've got to provide the vomit, which is where you can get really creative and either make your own or stuff the thing with anything from candy to old syringes. A hilarious decoration with the best product picture I've ever seen, it'll set you back a small $2,880—which is so worth it. [CostumeFind]


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