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Reader Jenna was kind enough to pass on the news that the above Voodoo Knife Block which we covered back in February is now FOR SALE! Oh, rapture!

We are glad to inform you that Voodoo 5-Knife Holder Display will be available for sale in June, 2005. The sale price is set for $40.00 USD. As we really care and would like all of your inquiries to be processed in the shortest period of time we ask you to place your order at your earliest convenience. Please specify how many Voodoo sets you are ready to purchase from us. We will inform you what the shipping costs are when we finalize the order.


They request a $20 PayPal deposit which, as Jenna points out, is a bit unnerving, as they say they'll request the other half of the total (along with your shipping information) when your order is ready. Still, for only $40, this is a great piece and I'll probably buy one forthright.

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