Vote On Facebook's New Policy Changes, Or You'll Never Get Another Chance

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In response to user feedback, Facebook is proposing a set of clarified governance and privacy policy changes, and they want you, the Facebook enthusiast, to vote on them once again!


But this is still a Zuckocracy. In the very likely case that less than 30% of the site's 1 billion users actually vote and a majority don't reject the proposal, Facebook will revoke users' voting rights on any future policy or administrative changes. If over 30% vote, the verdict will be binding.

In addition to deciding the fate of the Facebook suffrage movement, users will be voting on whether Facebook can share data between its affiliates (Instagram being the major one). Also on the chopping block is the site's ability to decide who's able to send you private messages and whether users will be prevented from using personal profiles for "commercial gain," which will be strictly relegated to a Facebook fan page.

The virtual voting polls opened today and will close at 12pm PST on December 10, giving users a full seven days to vote for or against the changes. For anyone with lingering concerns, Facebook will hold a live webcast tomorrow (December 4) at 9:30am PST to respond to user-submitted questions. [Facebook via TechCrunch]


Organized Chaos

Facebook's secret to getting exactly what they want here is that millions of average users won't even know this voting is taking place. There is no notification when we log on, or at least there's not for me, and I didn't receive an email. It's something that should pop up when everyone logs on and should be sent via a clear & concise email.

By the way, the "Submit Vote" button wouldn't even work for me in Firefox or Chrome. I had to switch to IE. Possibly because of ABP or Ghostery, not sure. Voting is done through a facebook app. I voted then deleted the app. Results of the votes so far show 8,096 voted to keep it the same and 1,023 voted to go with the new changes. It doesn't specify what the numbers represent, I assume they're the number of people who voted. So 30% is a long, LONG way off.