Vudu Update Brings 80 More HD Movie Titles, Other Goodies

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The Vudu software has just been updated to version 1.2, and with it comes 80 new HD titles for rent. The new additions will be in the price range of $3.99 - $5.99, but the upgrade will also bring added functionality, including instant HD, (an indicator that alerts the user broadband speeds are high enough for HD content downloads); speed limit adjustment control, (user definable bandwidth limits and recommendations based on the imposed limit) and a constant audio setting for high-end audio equipment compatibility. In addition the UI will also get a slight re-work. Apple TV, are you scared? Not even a little? [Vudu Forum via TV Snob]



Despite being pro-Apple, the Vudu box is pretty fantastic. The demo unit I played with seemed to have good SD content and great HD content (the Bourne movies). The search feature really illustrates how hard it is to navigate iTMS or AppleTV - the "combine genres" search feature that lets you search for all "horror" + "western" or "comedy" + "mystery" is pure genius.

The remote (unfortunately not vibrating) is awesome. It really is iPod like - you know how to use it 10 seconds after picking it up. This is in stark contrast to the Apple Remote that always seems to be missing one button.