Wage a War On Afternoon Naps With This Tiny Ride-on Tank

When you're a kid the biggest threat to playtime security is the dreaded afternoon nap. But what parent or nanny would dare try to interrupt your important afternoon activities with this tiny ride-on tank protecting your playroom? Even if you never engage your caregiving target, it's enough of a deterrent to ensure playtime perseveres.


With an eight-and-a-half hour charge the Li'l Tankster will run for about a solid hour, crawling over piles of Lego and army men with realistic tank tread and engine sounds. It's steered using a couple of joysticks that also allow the tank to spin 360 degrees with a zero-turning radius, and the barrel even fires a pretend shell with a simulated boom and a flashing muzzle. Available come November for $250, it almost makes you wish they made a version for adults that didn't require ten weeks of basic training. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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