WAHHHH! These Horrible People Didn't Get What They Wanted for Christmas

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Christmas! A cheerful time, right? The spirit, the decorations, the gift giving, the time off, it's supposed to be happy! Not for these horrible people. Ungrateful punks and out-of-touch teens have all taken to Twitter to complain about what they didn't get for Christmas and how they now hate life and everything Santa Claus. It's a shit show.

It's amazingly embarrassing what these people are saying. Funnyman Jon Hendren's Twitter account is re-tweeting all the ridiculous complaints about peoples' Christmas and well, there are a lot of terrible people out there. Most everyone complain about not getting an iPhone or an iPad. Others complain about getting the wrong colored iPhone or iPad. Some don't want their iPods or Kindle Fires. Others really thought they were going to get a freaking car with a bow on it. We are helpless. Boo freaking hoo. People, are you reading what you're saying? How can you stand yourself?


And sure, maybe some of these are people sarcastically complaining. And sure, maybe it's mostly kids who don't know anything other than cry cry cry when things don't go their way but I certainly hope that these people who are publicly whining about not getting an iPhone only get Blackberry-sized coals for the rest of their lives. Or I hope being outed as a horrible human being means they grow up really really fast. [@fart via BuzzFeed, Alexis Ohanian]