We've seen enough pricing leaks to pretty much confirm that Microsoft's Kinect will be priced at $150. But did you know those games are gonna sell for $60, and none will come bundled with the hardware? Hoo boy.


Yes, this new Wal-Mart preorder bundle deal for the Kinect hardware, one game of your choice and a $30 online-only gift card for $199 also shows games such as Kinect Adventures and Joyride listing for a whopping $60, which is about twice as much as we expected.

Microsoft, let's be real here. Kinect looks great, but if you're expecting people to drop $210 for the hardware and a single game, you're not gonna be pleased with the results. At the very least, Kinect Sports should be bundled with the hardware, not cost a whopping $60 extra. I mean, come on.


But I guess if you're really sold on Kinect, this Wal-Mart bundle is a good deal, allowing you to essentially get the hardware and two games for $230. But yeesh, $230? That's borderline insane. [Wal-Mart via Ars Technica]

Update: The listing says it "comes with a Kinect game." What Kinect game isn't clear, but we'll update when we know.