If you long for a little extra sun after-hours, then this wallpaper might be just the ticket. Designed by Swedish brand Sandberg, the wall covering resembles a sunset from the nation's shores.

It is, in fact, one of two wallpapers which form the Carl Collection. Designed by Karolina Kroon and Sissa Sundling, the Skymning (above) and Gryning (below) papers are inspired by photographs taken by Karl Anderson. Sandberg explains their origins:

"The sun is rising. It's early morning in Ulricehamn, and the sky exhibits an abundance of nuances. Lake Åsunden lies frozen, surrounded by sparkling hoarfrost and the silence of the forest. The winter's many hues create an endless landscape of wooded hills, layer upon layer. This is the crisp chill and the clear, clean light that permeates our Carl collection."


The results are certainly beautiful. But then, at almost $300 for enough to cover just 5 square meters, they better had be. [Sandberg via Fresh Home]

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