Walmart Listing Zune at $284, Plus Zune Phone Coming Soon?

We know Wal-Mart's selling Zunes, but it looks like they've spilled the beans on the price as well. The Zune's listed at $284, leading us to think that the real MSRP will be $299.99.


Also, a Zune phone is definitely on the horizon. Whether it's a Zune w/ phone hardware in it, or a phone with Zune software in it, Microsoft won't spill. We're guessing the former.

Here's Everything we know about the Zune.

The above video's from, a new viral ad in the Zune campaign.

Zune Listing [Walmart]

A Zune phone? Here's what Microsoft said [Seattle PI]

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The iPhone is scheduled for release come this summer, the Zune Phone will probably not be released until the middle to end of next year. If you're really hankering for that thing, you'll be waiting a while.