Walt Mossberg Tests High Tech Pooper

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The WSJ's esteemed Walt and Katie testing digital toilet seats? What's the scoop? The Brondell Swash 800 is a toilet seat cover that gently washes and air dries your tushy, and has a heated seat to make your duty (heh) more bearable on cold mornings. So, what does the world's most respected gadget journalist say about poop tech?
"Most people use toilets more often than iPods..."


Walt, that's totally up for debate. I want a fact check on that one, Walt.

And for his verdict: "We found that the heated seat, which can be set to automatically turn off or on at certain times of the day, was a great feature. And the warm water — once we got the temperature right — was also a luxurious twist on the normal bathroom experience. But, while the water was nice, the dryer was awful. It works only at one temperature and speed, and it didn't do the trick for us."


Didn't do the trick? Does he mean the dreaded swamp butt? Good to know before we dropped $800 on the Brondell Swash.

One more thing... who took notes during this assignment? And were those notes on toilet paper? Diagram of the seat, after the jump.

Brondell Swash 800 [via Walt and Katie of the WSJ ]
[Photoshopz courtesy of Ray Wert!]

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Had a chance to try one of similar design when in S. Korea this year. I plan on getting one eventually. It does help eliminate or at least greatly reduce cases of swamp ass.

I was amazed at the accuracy of the damn thing too, hit me in the correct area every time.