Want to Be the Real Q? Apply Here

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If you want to be the gadget inventor for Her Majesty's Intelligence Service, the MI5—British Military Intelligence Section 5— is actually offering the real post now. The best thing: It's part-time.


The MI5 is looking for a a chief scientific adviser to "lead and coordinate its scientific work." Someone that has "world-class scientific expertise and credibility, excellent strategic skills, outstanding influencing and communication skills" and a successful record of "managing critical projects and processes in a complex environment." No word on having to wear tailor-made three-piece suits.

Professor John Beddington—UK's chief scientific adviser—says the role of Q would be to keep the British intelligence ahead of enemies—which I guess means Russia, Argentina, and Spain. He says that "it will involve a sort of future gazing to see where technology will be taking us in a year or so," so Tarot readers and crystal balls may be a plus.


And yes, it's not the MI6—which is the secret intelligence service in which James Bond worked—but the MI5 works alongside them, so you may get part of the action. Yes, that kind of action. Only part-time though: Two ro three days a week, the ad says. The rest of the time you could keep your job as a supermarket cashier in Tesco's, which will be your secret identity. [Daily Mail]

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my girlfriend's name is Q.

and no, i'm not being sarcastic or "funny" - i'm being serious. she's been called Q her whole life, and funny variations in-between, so she got a name change!