Want to Steal 10,800 Hard Drives? Just Drive the Truck Away

A group of brazen and possibly lucky thieves made off with $1.2 million worth of Western Digital hard drives. The master plan behind their daring heist? They just got in the delivery truck and drove it away. Someone's getting fired!

The cargo truck, loaded with 524 boxes of hard drives, was sitting unattended in a warehouse at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and at 5:20 am, there were no security guards to be seen. The thieves actually entered through the police entrance—how's that for ballsy? But luck may not have had much to do with it, as police believe it may have been an inside job—and have since arrested five warehouse employees. Cuffed suspects led authorities to a house where most of the drives were recovered—which is good news for Western Digital! But bad news for the thieves, who will now have to backup the world's most massive porn collection some other way. [Channel Register]


Photo by Mac Users Guide

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