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Warner Bros. Forced Watchmen's Laurie To Go Cold Turkey

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Watchmen movie pays insane attention to the graphic novel... except the main accessory in superheroine Laurie Juspeczyk's life, her opium-pipe-looking smokes. Why do the movie's supermen get to smoke, but not the superwomen?

It's no secret that Zack Snyder paid insane attention to the detail in Watchmen. We've seen full pages of Tijuana bibles, and a to-scale Gunga Diner recreation. But Laurie's smokes are noplace to be seen. So we asked the OCD director himself, while he was doing press for Watchmen, why Ms. Laurie Juspeczyk has kicked her habit.


Where were Laurie's smokes, Zack?

"Yeah, Alan hates smoking. Alan Horn - the head of the studio - that's his biggest, biggest thing. The Comedian can smoke, because he might be a bad guy, he's the bad guy, but that's it. That was the line that he drew."


But aren't those kind of a small plot device for the character to watch her go on and off the wagon?

"I was sad, but it was either that or...the movie wouldn't have been made, literally."

So what did the actress Malin Akerman, who donned the latex costume for Snyder's movie think?

Were you disappointed that your character didn't smoke in the film?

"Yes I was actually. I mean with everything else that's going on in the film you're kind of like, she should smoke up too."


Well why I can't necessarily strongly disagree with this move (because apparently smoking is bad for you) why do the bad boys like Big Figure and The Comedian get to suck on cigars, and poor Laurie has to don the patch? I smell a double standard. Either way, I'm sad we won't get to see her fumbling with that odd-looking pipe. Watchmen will be out in theaters on 6 March.