Washing Windows 35,000 Meters Above the Earth

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Earth has been declared a giant nature preserve, and humans have banished themselves to a massive steel ringworld that encircles the planet. Inside, the human race exists in a rigidly stratified society, with working class laborers in the lower levels of the ring and the ruling classes above. This is the premise of cool underground manga Dosei Mansion (Saturn Apartments), which has been put out by fringey publisher Ikki since 2005. The good news is that the amazing manga by Hisae Iwaoka is about to become a live-action movie. Expect breathtaking special effects, especially because the adolescent main character's job is washing the orbital's windows.

In the first comic of the series, young hero Mitsu's father dies. Unable to live without his father's meager income, Mitsu takes over his father's old job: washing the windows of the orbital so that the rich can have lovely views of Earth below. Of course, washing windows in space is even more dangerous than washing them on Earthly skyscrapers. The art in the comic book is amazing: There are incredible vistas, amazing giant tech, and then lonely little people inhabiting these vast spaces. You can see the entire first book here. I can't wait to see the movie.


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