Watch a 4K Video Amazingly Get Photoshopped Like a Regular Picture

We all pretty much know that pictures get retouched and photoshopped these days, right? What you think is real is most likely just a bag of tricks in post-production. But what about video? Apparently, you can retouch 4K video like if it was an ordinary photograph. Watch this.


Foton Inc. claims that it has developed a new retouching technique that can be applied to 4K video and it's not going into the footage and adjusting frame-by-frame or compressing the hell out of it. Nope. Foton claims that its software can track a face as they move around the video and maintain the 'photoshopped' edits. It's crazy.

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I wonder how long it'll take for this to become mainstream. [Vimeo via PetaPixel]



The thing is, all the "imperfections" are indications of realism and detail; the post-processed version looks far more synthetic and fake than the original, and therefore less convincing as a real image.

As another commenter mentioned, I can see this being used in idealized settings such as fashion shows (it's not as if the malnourished model frames are realistic anyway), but for mainstream film I would wager (and hope) this wouldn't catch on.

That said, any filmed production is going to have make-up done on the actors/models, which really is just a tactile, analog version of this. Maybe we're being harsh simply because this is a new thing; I can't imagine nearly as many would be critical of actors wearing make-up during filming.