Watch a Chef Use His Amazing Bionic Hand to Help Chop Stuff Up

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If you're a master chef or a home cook or someone who occasionally wanders into a kitchen in search of food, you'd know that your life is much easier with two hands. Cutting vegetables, washing dishes, using a frying pan and basically just doing things requires both your hands. That's why it's so heartbreaking that classically-trained chef Eduardo Garcia lost his left hand in an electrocution accident. But that's why it also makes it even more awesome that he's been outfitted with a bionic hand to help him in the kitchen.

It's a pretty sweet set up, considering the circumstances. The new hand which was designed by Touch Bionics and outfitted by Advanced Arm Dynamics is motorized, wireless and uses Bluetooth can grip in 25 different ways. Made from silicone and carbon fiber, the bionic hand can last an entire day on a charge.

Garcia's forearm muscles control the movements of the hand—his skin connects with electrodes in the prothesis—and he's able to do a lot of the things a chef needs to do. So awesome. Chef Eduardo Garcia owns the food company Montana Mex. [Huffington Post]