Watch a Face Morph Eerily With Nothing But Lighting Shifts

One element has enormous power to alter the look of a person on film or video—lighting. Cinematographers and photographers are intimately familiar with this fact, but this video really brings the point to life.


Video director and designer Nacho Guzman created this teaser for an upcoming music video. Careful, it is hypnotizing. A single female face sits stationary in the frame while the light source circles around her over and over. The effect is that the subject's countenance seems to shape-shift in front of your eyes.

Aside from looking sweet, this video is a great reminder for camera-wielders everywhere to pay close attention to lighting. It could mean the difference between your subject looking like an angel or a zombie. [Vimeo via Petapixel]


For those who didn't get to see it before it was set to private :)