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Watch a Girl Age Into an Old Woman in This Stunning Time Lapse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Aging is a fierce b-word that deepens the lines on your face, sags the skin on your body and grays the hair on your head. All in the name of accruing wisdom! The thing with aging though is that it literally takes years to see its effect. Well, this incredible time lapse fast forwards the process and shows what a girl would look like as an old woman.

The video called Danielle was made by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello. It's not your traditional take on aging though. Unlike others who literally take a picture every day of their life to document growing up, Cerniello cleverly used animation along with photography to speed up the process.


Cerniello worked with photographer Keith Sirchio to take pictures of his friend Danielle's family. He found relatives that had similar bone structure with each other and then had animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle animate and morph the still photographs together so it would mimic a time lapse video of aging. The photographs become alive because of the After Effects and 3D Studio Max animation. It's combining the faces of family members into the story of one single make believe person. Pretty incredible. [Anthony Cerniello via Colossal]