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Watch a High-Speed Train Race a Fighter Jet

If you don’t live in a country where high-speed trains are common, you might not realize how fast they can really go. Traveling at just shy of 200 miles per hour, this TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) train in France was able to keep pace with a fighter jet during an inaugural run of a new line.


Of course, if the Dassault Rafale fighter jet’s pilot were to hit its afterburners and accelerate the craft towards its top speed of 1,188 miles per hour, the plane would leave this high-speed train in the dust. But delta-winged fighters still require a certain level of speed to just stay airborne, and it’s impressive that this TGV can keep pace with it even at low airspeeds.

[YouTube via Likecool]

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Have to say I’ve never understood why high speed rail hasn’t taken off here in the US. There are some routes where it would be perfect - Denver to Chicago for example. Chicago to New Orleans is another. Atlanta to almost anywhere on the east coast and/or Texas. TGVs are so much nicer than aircraft and with all the hassle and waiting at airports now, the time difference between flying and high speed rail isn’t as large as it used to be.

Putting in LGV and making sure it’s done right (ie. no road/rail crossings - all tunnels and bridges) then running TGV on them would make cross-country travel here a lot more tolerable. Make a day of it. But a nice day of sitting in plush seats with plenty of room, the ability to get up and walk around, go get some food, watch the countryside go by etc. Instead of being shoehorned into a disease-filled aluminium tube at 40,000ft with gestapo-like aircrew throwing peanuts and pretzels at you.

Sure, once an aircraft is in the air, it’s always quicker, but all the stuff at either end of getting into the air - yeah - I’d take the train for some trips for sure.