This is what it feels like to have your world completely engulfed in a hell of dust. Lubbock, Texas just got nailed by an 8,000-foot-high wall of red dirt. Dust storms make awesome video, but this is terrifying.


An ongoing drought in the Southwest combined with 75 mph wind kicked up this holy hot mess of disorienting darkness. According to commenters, the worst of the storm lasted 45 minutes. Think about that. Forty-five interminable minutes inside that cloud.


There's probably no way to adequately describe the feeling of an epic dust storm. The eeriest parts of this video come when the otherwise silent camera man interjects with terse play-by-play as the storm rolls in. "There goes the sun," he says. It could be mutterings of a jaded fatalist used to West Texas dust storms. Maybe it's just shock and horror—at least he's inside! The storm knocked out power and plowed over trees, but damage appears to be minimal. Residents of Lubbock are still digging themselves out. [YouTube, LA Times, KQRE]

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