Smart targeting rifle destroys a phone one kilometer away

According to RatedRR, the "XS1 is the largest-caliber Precision Guided Firearm available today." This video demonstrates how its automatic targeting system works over 1,123 yards. That's 0.6 miles (one kilometer.) This is the kind of stuff we only imagined in science fiction movies only a few years ago.


The rifle's automatic targeting system—Tag Track Xact—can hit targets 1,200 yards away using algorithms that compensate for the wind speed. Once you put the reticle on the marked target, the rifle let's you pull the trigger and boom, your target is history—all while streaming video of it all to Android and iOS phones, where it can be recorded. I cringe at the thought of thinking not if but when are we going to see the first recorded kill of a human being in some war or urban shooting scenario.

And yes, the video seems sponsored by HTC, who wants you to think about their phones the next time you think about buying a phone to destroy with your long range precision rifle.

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Besides obvious reasons (like taking all the god damn skill out of long range shooting) for why I don't like this scope, I do not trust the durability of this scope. If (or when) it breaks, you now have 20,000 of useless tech on top of your rifle with little use afterword (you can still fire but unless you have a way to get the scope off you are up shit creek without a paddle). I know that this is the direction scopes are going but for something that expensive, I need some assurances that the scope is going to survive extended and multiple trips into the field.