Watch Apple Flaunt the Skinny New iPad Air

Apple just unveiled the lighter, thinner, better iPad, the iPad Air. And of course along with it is a three-minute video of Jony Ive and other Apple big-wigs waxing philosophically about the fifth-gen tablet. Check it out right here.

The Air weighs just a pound, runs the same A7 chip as the iPhone 5S, and is based on the same 64-bit architecture. It has a better camera on the back, and its FaceTime camera can now shoot full-HD 1080p video. Apple says it has better battery life, too. Shocker: it's overall a better iPad. This video tries to make you feel an emotional connection to said better iPad, which starts at $500 and ships November 1.

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If I were Steve Jobs, and I wanted to design a deceptively human but close-to-perfect Humanoid, I would design an average-weight, realistic skinned, hairless but slight fuzzed on the top, non-blinking robot that had a very pleasant smooth-as-silk voice....

Umm.. people.. look at the first few minutes of this video having said that..