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Watch Bill Nye Reminisce About Carl Sagan's College Astronomy Class

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Before either Bill Nye or Carl Sagan were on television, Nye was a student in Sagan's astronomy class at Cornell. Here's Nye reminiscing about that class — and the advice Sagan gave him before he started his own show.

The clip comes from Nova's Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers. Nye wasn't the only future science communications anchor Sagan reached out to while teaching at Cornell — he also hosted a teenaged Neil Degrasse Tyson when he came to Cornell on a college visit, who later followed-up on the visit with this rather charming letter.


Obviously Carl Sagan's Cosmos had a big influence on the science-focused television that came after it. But it's interesting to see that a lot of the influence that Carl Sagan had actually came from his role in the classroom.