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At 10pm EST, Bravo's awful and totally hilarious self-parody of a Silicon Valley reality TV show, Real Startups of Atlanta, or some bullshit, premieres. We will be watching and liveblogging in Kinja. Related, we're also trying to fend off the impending apocalypse that this show is trying to usher in.


Feel free to join us—share your favorite scenes, giffable moments, and your wagers for how many times the word "disrupt" will flow freely from the lips of these entrepreneurs innovators professional idiots. If it's anything like the first clips have us expecting (hopefully it's worse), we're in for an hour's worth of horribleness, dramatic music, and lines that sound like they came out of a start up buzzword generator. Saddle up!


Well. That was predictably awful. Thanks for joining us!

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