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The Best/Worst Parts of the First Clip from That Awful Silicon Valley Reality Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bravo has released the first clip from Start-Ups, its parody-rife reality show about Silicon Valley. Here is the rundown of the short scene in which angel investor Dave McClure looks over a pitch from brother-sister disruptin' duo Ben and Hermione (Hermione!) Way's rip-roarin' vaguely-purposed company, Ignite. It follows what we've come to know as Standard Reality Television Script and relies heavily on Start Up Lingo:

  • Sentences said with half-conviction that don't make sense: "We've developed a scale, that we can give away for free. To millions of people. For less than two dollars."
  • Foreboding music in order to forward the plot.
  • Camera cuts back and forth between faces of focus, disruption, and "I don't know what's going on!"
  • A character calls another character "annoying"
  • A character calls another character white trash "disrespectful."
  • A reference to a crap-ton of money.
  • Token British guy.

Insufferably wonderful. And we'll all be watching when it premiers November 5. Although this clip looses some value for its lack of mention of the word "disrupt." [AllThingsD]