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Oh God, Bravo's Silicon Valley Show Looks Even Worse Than We Thought Ugh Why Help

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you watch the latest promo for Bravo's Silicon Valley reality show and think, hey these entrepreneurs failed actors are just stringing together tech buzzwords, it's because that's exactly what they're doing. The video is below, for those who have been sapped of any hope at a fruitful life.


The following is a collection of quotes from the teaser for the November 5 premiere, presented without comment, because really, what more can you say of people who are already parodies of themselves?

  • "This is the moment we have to up our game more than ever."
  • "The future of the world is in our hands. And we're not sitting back and letting us pass us by."
  • "Tech is so much more than just engineering. Yeah, it's an ecosystem."
  • "There's the bloggers, the engineers, and then there's the investors. None of it would work if there wasn't each part."
  • "Geeks are definitely the new rock stars."
  • "There's a spirit of FUCK YOU disruption."
  • "People have been intimidated because this package doesn't usually come with a brain."
  • "Silicon Valley is just... balls to the wall."

Then there is a toga party. Rock climbing. Shots. Bikinis. A girl named Hermione. A man named Dwight. People writing numbers on dry erase boards. A swimming pool. The word geek is said 14 times. Lots of tears. Algorithm. A sombrero. Twitter. Google. Facebook. Apple. Disruption. This show looks awful, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't going to watch Start-Ups and all its "fuck you disruption" with glee/horror. [Bravo]