Brian Eno has always been a prolific artist, whether as a pop star or an ambient composer. But 77 Million Paintings, one of Eno’s more recent releases, is his most expansive: a series of almost 300 individual music and lightworks that combine in an infinite array of randomized variations. But where did the idea for the genre-bridging work come from? Eno himself talks about his inspiration in this mind-bending short film.


77 Million Paintings extends Eno's ideas about generative music—which uses computer programs to generate sound—into visual art. It's not a new exhibit, but this video, which was filmed with RGB+D cameras, is really cool. Why? Because the legendary Eno is notoriously reclusive and never talks about his work! To hear what inspires the dynamic piece makes it even more interesting. Intrigued? If you happen to be in New York, you can check it out through June 2. [Red Bull Music Academy]

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