Watch Carbon Fiber Totally Unravel Under Extreme Pressure

Ever see the super strong, super light super material known as carbon fiber get squished like this? Once the hydraulic press hits it, the threads start coming undone, and it slowly disintegrates as the pressure becomes stronger and stronger. What’s pretty neat, though, is how the carbon fiber rod still stands up steady throughout and never snaps. It just unravels very, very slowly.


This only happens to the carbon fiber if it has a smaller footprint than the hydraulic press though. If the carbon fiber block is wider than the press, the press can’t really do anything to it. (It maybe, like, dents it a little). So it’s still a super strong, super light super material in my book.


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Are they able to re-use the remains of the fiber, or was this yet another fucking let’s-waste-some-resources-for-clicks type of clip?

Well I guess this beats smashing plants.