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Watch Gizmodo's Jason Chen on Cranky Geeks Thursday

Illustration for article titled Watch Gizmodos Jason Chen on Cranky Geeks Thursday

Hey all! I, JC of Gizmodo, am going to be on John C. Dvorak's internet TV show Cranky Geeks 11 a.m. PDT tomorrow, Thursday, August 24. If you're not familiar with the show, it's a bunch of writers and editors from PC Mag, CNET, and Ziff Davis being cranky with Dvorak. Fun times.


We're going to be talking about topics ranging from the PS3 not being in production yet, to Apple firing its own workers for downloading Leopard off the internet. All stuff we talk about here on the Giz. Our buddy Nick Douglas from Valleywag was on the show back in June. Watch tomorrow as I chat it up with three guys twice my age.

Cranky Geeks

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Even better from the same team is the twice weekly DL.TV podcast with Patrick Norton (of TechTV "ScreenSavers" fame) as host. Check it out at .