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Watch kids get grossed out by breakfast foods from around the world

Kids are cute and also hilariously picky eaters so they're pretty perfect for this experiment by Cut Video that makes them eat different breakfast foods from all across the world. It's fun to see how they react and also interesting to see what different countries eat for breakfast.


The whole set up of the video is easy money but damn, these kids are adorable.

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Acquired taste is universal it seems. My kids have liked coffee since they were two. Even without milk or sugar. (And before you jump all over me, we gave them decaf until they were a bit older. )

Another thing which I hadn't thought about is how the Western countries, especially Anglo-Saxon ones, seem to have a more clearly defined idea of what is a "breakfast food" compared to, say, East Asian countries. For example in Vietnam you can have noodle soup at any time. Then again I don't have a lot of data to support my hypothesis.