Watch Levi Sherwood "Shaolin" Backflip His Motorcycle At 1000 FPS

Levi Sherwood is a professional freestyle motocrosser that hails from New Zealand. He's also the reigning Red Bull X-Fighters champion, which is a freestyle motocross competition that sees these guys flipping and jumping and, generally speaking, doing really crazy shit on their bikes for people all over the world.

The video above was presumably shot with a Phantom at 1,000 FPS, like other Red Bull slo-mo videos, of Sherwood performing a Shaolin backflip on his two-stroke KTM. Don't try this at home, obviously.

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I'll admit to "not getting" motocross or freestyle motocross, or at least "not getting into" motocross and freestyle motocross, but this was perhaps the least interesting slo-mo video I have ever seen. Which is a bummer, cuz I was under the impression that everything was cooler in slo-mo, and this is really making me question that belief.