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Watch Live As San Francisco's Bizarre Emergency Warning System Plays Tony Bennett (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

San Francisco is a ridiculous place where no one will tell you when you have a bad idea. Like today, when its emergency broadcast system is going to belt out I Left My Heart in San Francisco instead of the standard weekly warning.

The warning siren, which plays every Tuesday at noon in San Francisco, is both beloved by locals, and notorious for terrifying tourists. Like everything else, it has its own Twitter. But today, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, and rampant rumors, instead of (or in addition to) its usual hornblast followed by words announce that "this is a test," it will play Tony Bennett's classic paean to the City by the Bay. Is it really going to happen? Will it be city-wide? There's only one way to find out.


Because this is important news and, well, very silly, we're going to broacast it live, starting at 11:55, on this page.

(Look for a video window to appear below just before noon.)

Update: The current rumor is that San Francisco will play the song over the emergency address system at some, but not all, locations. Will the one where we re camped out make the cut? Who knows‽ San Francisco is a silly place. Stay tuned. Developing.


Update 2: No Tony! It was just a regular siren. I'm so sad and ashamed for San Francisco. What a terrible day. I'm all out of love now. You can watch the archived video below: