Watch MTA Workers Deep Inside NYC's Storm-Ravaged L Train Tunnel

We've seen photos of New York's beloved L train being drained of flood water left over from Hurricane Sandy. Now the MTA has released video footage of workers toiling away to get the beleaguered line back up and running.


The work looks unglamorous. It's basically systematically testing electrical components from one end to the other. But at least we know the water is gone and things are progressing. Hipsters, your underground chariot's return is nigh. [MTA via YouTube via Brooklyn Magazine]


There is no way to say this without showing what a jerk I really am, but: It seems like this is almost a parody of the laziness and inefficiency of construction workers. In almost every scene there are a bunch of guys standing around... it took three guys to test the switches in those boxes - with only the one guy who seemed to know what he was doing. How many guys crowded into that closet room to see the corrosion on the electrical equipment. All in all, I feel like I watched a couple hours of real time where 30 guys managed to flip about ten switches in 3 boxes.

Either a) the director of this video was trying to mock the MTA; or b) some stereotypes are true... either way, not really worth watching... it didn't even show any vampires, art filled caverns or Lex Luthor's secret headquarters. Gene Hackman - No: Genius - Yes.