Watch Simon Pegg trick his Trek castmates into wearing "Neutron Cream"

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When Star Trek Into Darkness came out in May, Simon Pegg was constantly talking on the publicity circuit about how he pranked his fellow actors by claiming their were dangerous ions on the set, and they needed to wear "neutron cream" to prevent any negative affects. Now we have behind-the-scenes footage of Pegg's deception in action.

It's kind of shocking to me that pretty much every actor on set fell for the "neutron cream" gag, especially when 1) it's called neutron cream, 2) it came in an empty jar with a small white label with "NEUTRON CREAM" on it, and 3) Simon Pegg was the one delivering the warning. Oh, well, it's not like actors are hired for their SAT scores.

FYI, I'd say this is an extra on the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray, but who knows which version has it, if any of them? Sigh.