Watch SpaceX Try to Land a Rocket on a Drone Ship (Again)

Ok, let’s try this again. After one near miss resulting in a disastrous but honestly pretty cool explosion and delay after delay from weather (including yesterday), SpaceX is going to try to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a remote drone ship beginning at 4:10pm EDT.

Right now, all systems are go for launch with no anomalies or issues being reported. The robotic Dragon capsule, designated CRS-6, is and carrying near 2 tons of equipment, experiments from around the world, and an espresso maker fittingly called the ISSpresso.


Through the power of the internet, you’ll once again be able to livestream the event right here from NASA or SpaceX. Hopefully you’ll be able to either a.) stare at a launch pad b.) watch another awesome explosion c.) witness space exploration history. Two out of three ain’t bad for a Tuesday afternoon.

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