Watch SpaceX's Grasshopper Break Its Record For Taking Off and Landing Vertically

Another day, another Johnny Cash-accompanied test of Elon Musk's SpaceX Grasshopper rocket—which is not to say this isn't exciting, because consistency is the name of the game for a commercial reusable rocket. Especially the Grasshopper, which can take off and land vertically. In this most recent test, the Grasshopper takes off, hovers at about 820 feet, and lands neatly back on its launch pad. For those who haven't been keeping track, that's about triple the height of the last test, and six times higher than the test before that! [Elon Musk]



I wonder how it stays so perfectly vertical during its ascent? Vectored thrust or some gyroscopic stabilization system I would imagine, but it seems like a flying fuel tank with no wings should just tip over in the wind