Watch Spider-Man's epic clash with Batman on a Toronto subway train

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Among the highlights of this battle between Spider-Man and Batman on a subway in Toronto the other day: 1) Batman attempting to do the Christian Bale growl while Spider-Man claims he could stop the train with his bare hands. 2) Spidey taunting Batman about his dead parents, and Bats retorting that Spidey's parents weren't international spies, but rather "international feces." 3) The pull-up contest. 4) The "hanging from the ceiling" contest." 5) The taunt, "Batman, or Bat-bitch?" 6) "I have a PhD in kicking ass." "I'm 50 percent Clydesdale." 7) The wrestling moves that the superheroes try out on each other, including some that may have originated with Shatner. 8) The way Spider-Man finally spanks Batman, just once.

According to CTV, the video is the work of Sean Ward, creator of the viral short "Batman's Night Out." Ward explains: "I've been a big fan of these characters. I think people are enjoying the characterizations of these guys in my work." There's another chapter in the Spider-Man/Batman saga coming tomorrow.


Here's the final part of that battle, as broadcast on Canadian TV with commentary from CTV anchors, which makes it way better somehow:

Here's their previous confrontation, from back in May:

[via CTV News]