Watch The Daily Show Hilariously Troll Six Glassholes Right Here

Illustration for article titled Watch emThe Daily Show/em Hilariously Troll Six Glassholes Right Here

Last night, The Daily Show aired a piece of biting social commentary on technology. In other words, it mocked a bunch of Google Glass wearers—and you watch it all right here.


Speaking to six Explorers—"Excuse me, did you just call yourself an explorer?"—The Daily Show's John Stewart tried to get to grips with the souls behind the smartglasses. As you might expect, it's hilarious. Watch it all, now, below. [The Daily Show via ValleyWag]


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I always find the excuse "But everyone is walking around with a camera anyway." to be ridiculous as it is in no way at all comparable to someone having a camera pointed at my face all the time. Which is what happens if you're interacting with someone wearing GG.

I also find comparisons to racism or hate crimes to be nauseating.

If these people can't acknowledge that having a camera in someone's face or in a public venue potentially secretly recording is a valid reason for people to get upset, then the label 'glasshole' does fit.