Watch the restored trailer for Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius' never-released scifi epic The Incal

In the 1980s, animator Pascal Blais created a trailer for an animated adaptation of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean "Moebius" Giraud's gonzo space opera The Incal. The project sadly never advanced beyond the trailer, but Pascal Blais Studios recently spruced up the footage for 2011 audiences. Moebius' hyper-detailed line work on the big screen — why can't we have nice things?

And here's the original unrestored trailer. I must say, I dig the soundtrack more on this cut.


[Via Comics Alliance]


Wow... It's amazing how much crappier the "restored" version looks. It was probably a lot cheaper to put together, but everything about it, from the voiceover, to the computer coloring, to the wonky computerized "perspective" applied to the drawings turns the film-grade craftsmanship of the old trailer into something that looks distinctly direct-to-DVD. And, while this is totally just my own subjective taste, the synth music in the original was awesome and way more appropriate to the material.

It's almost as bad as the awful job they did coloring the Incal comics for American release, replacing the bold, striking colors of the original (which, when paired with Moebius's linework and the imaginative settings, evoked for me the dreamlike work of Windor McCay), with muddly, desaturated 90s-style Photoshop soft-brush coloring, even going so far as to alter the linework to replace delicate hatching with smudgy digital brushed (and of course, censoring out any sex and nudity, because nobody expects that sort of thing from a Jodorowski project...).