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Watch The Ring Girl Crawl Out of an Electronics Store TV to Terrify Shoppers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Shopping for a new TV is already a hassle. Trying to decide what size to get, and what features you need, all while dealing with a pushy sales clerk, is bad enough. So the last thing you want exasperating the ordeal is a mild heart attack when a store’s demo model becomes a portal to a nightmarish otherworld.


The pranksters who tricked a coffee shop full of terrified people into thinking a girl with telekinetic powers was losing control are back with an equally wonderful prank where that creepy little girl from The Ring, and its upcoming sequel, Rings, suddenly crawls out of a TV in an electronics store. Watch how that all plays out below, and be thankful you buy everything on Amazon from the comfort of your sofa.

The setup for the prank involved building a fake wall inside a real electronics store in upstate New York that was covered in TVs showing demo videos of, you guessed it, the trailer for Rings.


One of those TVs featured a special lifting mechanism revealing a hidden compartment inside the wall, where the same actress who played that creepy little girl in Rings would come crawling out, in character, terrifying unsuspecting shoppers. The results are predictably entertaining for those of us viewing the prank from afar. But the next time you’re strolling through a Best Buy you’ll probably think twice about checking out the TV department.