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Watch the trailer for a full-length Hobbit movie made by school kids

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's yet another Hobbit trailer out this week, but this one isn't for Peter Jackson's three-part epic. Instead, it's for a 90-minute Hobbit adaptation filmed by and starring the students of the Tower House preparatory school. See how a 13-year-old's Bilbo Baggins measures up to Martin Freeman's.

Seventy boys ages eight through 13 star in this rendition of The Hobbit, which debuted last week at London's Curzon Renoir Cinema. The kids did get a bit of grown-up help for their production; one student's father's company lent a hand with production and editing and the one big-ticket item in their tiny budget was a CG Smaug (whom we don't get to see in this trailer). Perhaps the kids of Tower House would be kind enough to do an online release so the rest of us can whet our appetites in anticipation of December's Hobbit feature film.


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