Watch the TV movie that Nickelodeon banned for being too scary

On October 28, 2000 Nickelodeon aired the TV movie Cry Baby Lane. But after a large collection of parents complained that the movie was far too graphic, the network pulled the movie, never to be aired again. And now you can see it for yourself!


Nickelodeon tried very hard to make the movie Cry Baby Lane disappear forever. But one Reddit user found an old VHS copy of the original airing and uploaded it onto the internet. Now you can watch the entire, demented 90-minute flick. Cry Baby Lane is about a pair of conjoined twins (one evil and one good) who die and then return to life thanks to a seance. It's not Watcher in the Woods scary, but it's pretty damn close. Watch it now.


Andrew (Jase Blankfort) and his older brother Carl (Trey Rogers) enjoy listening to ghost stories that the local undertaker, Mr. Bennett (Frank Langella), tells them. One night Bennett tells the tale of a local farmer whose wife gave birth to conjoined twins, one being good-natured while the other was clearly evil. The farmer, ashamed of them, kept the twins locked in their room. Eventually the twins got sick and died together, so the farmer sawed them in half and buried the good twin in a cemetery and the bad twin in a shallow grave near the house. Later, Andrew and his friends decide to hold a seance in the cemetery where the good twin is buried, but they unintentionally awaken the bad twin instead. Gradually, the bad twin possesses nearly everyone in town, and it is up to young Andrew to stop him.

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Quasi Hatrack

Okay it shows at the beginning that the TV censors rated it Y7 which is sort of like a "hard" G at the movies but parents complained and the network pulled it from rotation. Meanwhile Doctor Who is directly marketed at children in the UK.

Americans can be such pussies.