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Watch All 2,200 Pounds of the World's Largest Firework Shell Explode on New Year's Eve

Bad news for the people of Texas: not everything is bigger in their beloved home state. On December 31st, a 2,200-pound fireworks shell with a diameter of 56 inches was launched in the United Arab Emirates to help welcome the arrival of 2018, and usher in a new Guinness World Record.


Manufactured by Grucci Fireworks in the United States, the shell was shipped overseas where technicians did the final assembly, sealing, and loading into a 15,000-pound, 23-foot-long mortar cannon that was buried over 13 feet into the ground. The shell reached a height of 2,200 feet before detonating into a massive shower of sparks that fell safely into the waters around Al Marjan island.


[YouTube via Geekologie]

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